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Hand Crafted in Finland

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Boat Building Excellence

Luxury Motor Yachts and Patrol Boats

LINEX-BOAT OY STARTED BUILDING BOATS IN 1920’S, when the company founder Sivert Lindkvist mastered the art of boat building and started to craft boats also for others. With fresh vision and passionate inspiration, each generation has been keen to save the traditional craftsmanship as well as acquire more information about boat construction and company development. Simon Lindkvist, the fourth generation boat builder and company leader, took charge in 2020, the company strives to continue providing premium handcrafted boats with top notch design and superior technical qualities.

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Boat Building Excellence

The sturdy structure married with elegant design is the result of careful planning, traditional craftsmanship and a modern perspective on production. Buying a Nordstar is an investment in reliability

Man building a yacht.
The Nord Star’s driving position is without fault; sitting or standing it is comfortable and puts the major controls at the skipper’s fingertips. There is a real alertness to the way the boat handles, the faintest flick of the wheel provokes a reaction from the hull. Get the angle of attack right and the 31+ will barrel gamely through the chop. The NordStar 31+ may have some catching up to do when it comes to brand recognition, but in the face of seriously fierce competition it is well in the mix.

Jack Haines (Deputy Editor), Motorboat & Yachting magazine

Nord Star has always managed to make their boats most spacious and habitable in Class. With the New 31+, the bar has been set again. The boats patented Lifting Strakes make the waves vanish under the boat without a noise.

Kaarel Kakko (Journalist). Motoro Boat magazine